Meet the WWI American who invented the hard hat, a proud symbol of our nation's working class 

By Kerry J. Byrne
via the Fox News web site 

The hard hat is the team headgear of working-class America — the people who built the United States with their bare hands.

The people who still build it today.

Tip your safety cap to Edward W. Bullard (1893-1963), a U.S. Army veteran who crafted the world's most important piece of industrial protective equipment after returning from the carnage of World War I.

"Hard-hat workers are brave people doing important work," said Wells Bullard, CEO of E.D. Bullard Co. in Kentucky, a manufacturer of personal safety equipment. She's also a great-granddaughter of the hard-hat inventor.

"They are the people building our roads, bridges and infrastructure, moving our economy forward," she added. 

The effort requires a lot of hard hats. 

Some 33 million Americans, about 10 percent of the national population, work hard-hat jobs today, according to Cam Mackey, president and CEO of the International Safety Equipment Association. 

Edward Bullard helped found the nonprofit trade association in 1933.

The hard hat today is more than just an important piece of personal safety equipment. 

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