WWI Memorial "Visitor Guide"

For use when visiting the WWI Memorial in D.C.

A "Visitor Guide" to the new National WWI Memorial complete with experiential "Augmented Reality" interpretive elements to take your WWI Memorial Visit to the next level.

The WWI Memorial Visitor Guide can be an integral part of your experience when you visit the new WWI Memorial in Washington, D.C.

visitor guide map pageNot only does it provide insight into the Memorial and its history, but it also provides a plethora of information about WWI in unique and interesting ways by using "Augmented Reality". 

Each area has AR features that allow you to place objects, information, videos and more onto the grounds and surfaces of the memorial.

Timeline Tower
For example, in the Belvedere area, you can drop a giant timeline tower onto the ground that tells the story of WWI from 1914 through 1919 with over 50 narrated information panels.

A Soldier's Journey
There is a video you can play that tells you the story that is portrayed by the sculpture currently being created by Sculptor Sabin Howard. The 58' deep bas-relief sculpture will be the largest in the western hemisphere when it is completed and installed in 2024. Until it is installed a changing series of visuals will be put on the wall where it will be installed portraying the evolving completion of the work from initial sketch, to clay, to finished bronze. 

The Vehicles of WWI
While you are on the Viewing Platform, with the giant reflecting pool, we allow you to place WWI era ambulances, motorcycles, planes, tanks, and ships out over the pool and when practical, we make them actual size to give a sense of what these craft were like. 

The Military History of WWI
Moving over to the Pershing Memorial area you can place various presentation on the walls of the Memorial space and learn about how American created a nearly 5 million person military force from a tiny standing army and deployed a fighting force of 2 million to France to decisively change the course of the war in just 18 months

How WWI Changed America
At the North Lower Terrace at President Wilson's quote, you can place an augmented reality viewer on the wall and select from over 50 short videos covering all the social aspects of WWI and how the War that Changed the World completely transformed every aspect of American life.

Virtual Remembrances
And finally, and perhaps most important, on the upper terrace by the Peace Fountain is where you can use the Visitor Guide App to explore the hundreds of Stories of Service that have been submitted to us by the public over the centennial period. Everyone is invited to contribute to this archive that lets you submit your ancestor's story of service in WWI, whether military or civilian. All these stories will be accessible in both the WWI Memorial Apps, the "Visitor Guide" for those at the Memorial in D.C. AND the "Virtual Explorer" that bring the entire memorial to everyone, anywhere whether at home or in the classroom.

Download the WWI Memorial "Visitor Guide"
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The WWI Memorial "Visitor Guide" App is available both from the Google Play and the App Store. There are no costs and no in-game purchases required. It is suitable for any age above 12 years-old with some depictions of battles and wounded soldiers.  

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